ESPN reporting tonight....

That up to 3 dozen Division 1 basketball programs could be outed with NCAA rules violations with evidence found on the wiretaps the FBI used in their probe of Louisville and other programs. The article said that all of the 3 dozen programs with major programs using tactics against NCAA rules to lure recruits to the their schools.

You can read the entire article on ESPN website. It is free.

It will get interesting real soon.

Good. About time. Hope they clean it up.

This will be what gets “Lying” Bruce Pearl fired at Auburn! Ben Holland isn’t far behind him. I hope the idiot that left Frank Martin’s staff at South Carolina doesn’t cost him his job. Sean Miller at Arizona is sweating bullets too! Greaseball "Cal " may not get to wait until then his mighty wildcats are getting beat at halftime by Auburn!

Yes sir! I hope Miss St, Auburn and Alabama all burn.

I haven’t heard anything that puts Bama into this yet.

A Bama basketball administrator was fired when this scandal first began. He wasn’t charged like Chuck Person was at Auburn but he was one of the unnamed people mentioned in the original indictment.

Your right Swine. That is the guy that previously worked at the NCAA HQ on enforcement

I pray the cheaters get what they deserve.

I’m guessing that this is the article: Ex-Adidas execs, agent want federal charges dropped in corruption case

Thanks Marty. That is the article.

How does a FBI investigation get leaked to ESPN? :?:

It’s not the mid majors trying to buy players to get to the top, it’s the teams already at the top doing it.

That’s a ‘duh’ statement.

Let’s hope we are untarnished.

My mindset is that Ole Miss, MSU, and Auburn
all have a culture that deems that nothing is off
the table if it helps them win.

The article describes how big people and organizations are involved in criminal conduct to achieve their goal. They are not mid-majors but “It’s the teams that already there”. The documents gathered and wiretaps provide a ton of evidence for the government. The defendants’ attorney challenge that the wiretap was improper. Next question is, can NCAA use this material to charge the 3 dozen schools. I am not too optimistic that justice will be served. The big-shots are too big for the government and the NCAA.

The NCAA lost a ton of respect with the North Carolina fiasco. If they fail to punish the schools that will be exposed in this scandal they will have lost all crediability. Not that they have much now.

Everyone has know for years that D 1 basketball has been a cesspool for years. Clean it up or watch it get worse.

It will be interesting for sure.

“the big -shots are too big…” Noth Carolina you mentioned is a good example of that. I think they are going to “white-wash” the whole thing; and business as usual. I hope not!

Wonder if they heard any refs in the wire tap conversations?
Probably not.
That’s probably a whole other set of people to tap.

Draining the swamp in college basketball so to speak will be the same as it is in Washington it will not get the big boys to much money! WPS