ESPN reporter wants to talk to Hog fans...

who attended games in 1991. He is working on a story about the origin of the SEC, SEC, SEC chant. Traced it back to Arkansas fans during our last season in the SWC. I think it actually started in March 1991 at the SWC Basketball Tournament in Dallas. That was out last basketball season in the SWC. I was there and remember the SWC chant and “All Our Exes Live in Texas.” If any of you were there when it started you can email him at

It started the last season in the SWC… especially when a call when against us the student section would fire up the SEC chant and then the Hog Wild Band would start the All our Exes song… good times… I was at the tournament in 90 and 91 as well…

The first time I heard it was at the 1990 Cotton Bowl, by Tennessee fans. At that point, there was no knowledge from anyone other than probably Frank Broyles and Roy Kramer that Arkansas was going to announce for the SEC in a few months. Even that basketball season, when we went to the Final Four in Denver, was all about SWC pride. The news started coming out that summer. So in that loss to Tennessee in Dallas, we were having our nose rubbed in it by a cocky fan base from what we felt at the time was a cocky SEC. We weren’t in their exclusive club, and they were taunting us.

At our football game with Rice in War Memorial in November 1991, the Rice band played “All My Exes Live In Texas” during the halftime show. I remember the smile on my dad’s face when he heard it, and the explanation on the walk to the car that he gave to this impressionable 13-year old who was still learning what it meant to hate Texas. Can’t recall for certain if the “SEC, SEC, SEC” chant was used this day or not, but I vaguely remember it as being so. That was my favorite football game with my father.

First time I heard it was Ole Miss fans after beating Arkansas in LR. I think it was 1990.

I remember hearing OM fans chanting it in LR after they beat us, too. I can’t remember if that was 1990 or 92, but I’ll defer to Richard’s memory that it was 1990. Either way, I didn’t think we started that chant. I recall doing it at the SWC tournament in Dallas the last year we played in it, but I don’t think that was the first time I heard it chanted.

Our fans were amazing chanting SEC at last SWC b-ball tourney in ‘91 at Barnhill South if memory serves correctly.

Remember it more at b-ball games that first SEC season as well as we were a national power underscoring our arrival in that conference

We didn’t start the SEC Chant. It’s been around for a while. I was watching the 30 for 30 on Herschel Walker and they won the SEC Championship 3 years in a row. One year they showed Hershcel walking off the field smiling and you could hear the crowd and some of his teammates chanting SEC.

I emailed Mr. Rittenberg my thoughts and memories of the SEC chant. He emailed me back today and asked me to call him. We had a nice 20 minute conversation talking about how Arkansas fans have a little different perspective on the chant than the other schools. We were on the receiving end of that chant for a year or so before we got to start giving it back at teams.

I attended the 1991 Independence Bowl (Weedeater Bowl) where the Hogs played Georgia and at the end the Georgia fans were yelling SEC, SEC, SEC. This was a game where we (the Hogs) had a ton of bad calls go against us, unfortunately most of the bad calls were from our coaching staff.