ESPN report: Hogs-Bama moving to Dec. 12

To allow Bama-LSU on Dec. 5. Works for me. LSU-Ole Miss would move to Dec. 19; Arkansas-Misery probably also on the 19th. All of this, of course, is written in pencil.

I still wonder why not keep our game the 5th and Ala -LSU play the 12th. The sec must have asked Little Nicky what he wanted to do

Because LSU already has a makeup game on the 12th with Florida. Not everything is a conspiracy, y’all. Neither Florida nor Bama will be available on the 19th because they’ll be playing the SECCG, so everything else has to be fit in around that.

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I seeing ark- mizz dec 5
Ark ala dec 12

According to the Moo U website, you’re right. They moved Misery-Moo U to make room for Hogs-Tigers.

Your probably right, but I’m seeing it on KFSM Channel 5 in ft Smith sports app

Hopefully we get kids back Monday, sure would like to be close to full strength going up there.

Dec. 19 in CoMo would be a tad chilly…

Yep, but I do hope it is chilly in Fayetteville the 12th😁


I hope you are right. I much prefer that to having 2 consecutive bye weeks.

Looks like if we are going to play Bama it will have to be 12/12. That leaves MO on 12/5 (only if MS St/MO gets postponed) or probably 12/19. I may go into withdrawal if we have 2 straight bye weeks.

SEC website still shows Hogs/Bama on 12-5

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