ESPN ranks top 25 players in SEC 2016

We had exactly one…

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Chad Kelly? Never lived up to the hype.

Well, nothing against Rawleigh, but I fully expected our only player to be Frank Ragnow. Great for Rawleigh though…

I don’t understand how you would leave out the SEC leading rusher? Especially considering the Oline issues we had.

They didn’t leave Rawleigh out, they just had him too low at 22.

And Ragnow should have been in there

I was by no means insinuating Rawleigh shouldn’t be on the list. I was simply saying when I saw we only had one I figured it was Ragnow. But Dudley is right, both should have been on there. Rawleight led the SEC. He deserves it. Ragnow probably suffered in the eyes of voters due to the overall mediocre play of our o-line. But he was far from mediocre.

Prove it on the field of play. Every game!!