ESPN ranks ALL-TIME best 5's for each school left in Sweet 16

I believe that what’s more interesting, to me, about this is NOT where they rank Arkansas, but WHO they have selected as our “best” 5 players (“stating five”).

Without a doubt, that would be a salty team. But I’d have probably selected Oliver Miller (or Daniel Gafford) over Joe Kleine at Center…and I’d really be tempted to put Scotty Thurman in place of Todd Day (though, again, there’s really not a bad choice among that group).

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I think we hit send at the same time…

We are ranked ahead of Gonzaga….omen???

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Since he appears to be only looking at College careers in his choices, I’d take Mayberry over Johnson, giving our team a great PG. I’d then move our ranking above Michigan.

I would also place our team above Michigan in that scenario.

I think 10 is too low. I agree about Lee over Joe, and I would put Oliver over Joe Klein too. That team would be a beast!

I hit it .338547 seconds sooner…

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Boot has to be on this team…just on his college career in place of Joe J…

Don’t know that there’s a directive on whether you judge by college career, NBA career or both. I think it’s just who YOU think should be on the team.

All I know is if I could put together a team from all Razorbacks past, I could put together a hell of a team. I’d prefer to have 10 to work with instead of 5, but there aren’t many schools who would be ahead of us doing it that way. I’d assume UCLA would be the top. UK probably 2nd. UNC or Duke 3rd. Michigan would be high. So would Indiana. We’d be in the top 10 in my judgment.

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For sure, Chip!

I assumed it was directed at college careers just because they only provided college stats for all their player picks.

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