ESPN predicts tomorrow's WNBA draft

They have Chelsea going to Dallas with the 7th pick

And, Destiny Slocum to Las Vegas with the 14th pick (2nd pick of 2nd round).

Way to go girls. Best of luck!

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It’s possible Destiny goes in late 1st round.
Either way congrats to both young ladies.

Is the WNBA still alive? I didn’t know it was still being supported by the NBA. I guess they have money to burn.

Money to burn? No. Dungee and Slocum will probably make $62,000 or less this season.

Well, last minute trade last night that affects Chelsea. Dallas traded their 7th pick to LA and ESPN predicts they will take the UCLA PG with that pick. ESPN now predicts Chelsea to LA with their original 10th pick. Slocum remains at 14.

Swine is pretty accurate with his dollar figures. Here’s the breakdown of the contracts for the WNBA:

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