ESPN no respect for McFadden


ESPN College Football Scoreboard Final Saturday night ranked the top three players to wear number 5…Reggie Bush, Donovan McNabb and LaDamian Tomlinson (msp?). The lack of respect towards Darren McFadden continues.


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The stench of current Razorback football may have something to do with it. Third-rate football program. And it sounds like NFL success is a big factor. DMac was not a great pro. I got no real issue with this.

I think those three are all great, great players. Not sure DMac should rank higher than those guys.

As far as NFL success goes, I wouldn’t say Reggie Bush had the type of career that he had during college either, but did play at USC and they won Championships and he won the Heisman.
McFadden had a great college career, IMO got screwed out of at least 1 Heisman Trophy because he played at Arkansas and not Ohio State or Florida…
Then he was drafted high by a horrible Oakland Raiders team, followed by the injury bug and that was that.

Go Hogs!

As a college player DMac qualifies, but all those years with the woeful Raiders and poor OLine takes him out of the discussion.