ESPN: Moody's draft stock took a hit in Dance

Which shouldn’t come as a great surprise to those of us who watched him closely, which would be approximately all of us. They noted that he tended to beat up on bad teams and struggle against better teams all season, and looked rattled in the tournament.

Overall they said his NBA stock took more of a hit than any other prospect.

Scroll down to find him (yes it’s paywall).

I have not seen any draft projections other than talk about what you posted. Is there an actual draft projection in there that I missed while scrolling?

Moody camp has been very quiet since the Texas Tech win. I am sure there is concern.

This makes his return 40-60.

His ranking in the ESPN top 100 slipped to 21, which would be well out of the lottery.


Not surprised. Be very interesting to see what decision he makes. A lot of variables, pros and cons with either decision. At UA he will get a lot of PT and great coaching. Get another year to develop as a player…physically, mentally and technical. If an education is important that’s also something to think about. Plus a true college experience.


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Still got to be evaluated at combine and get feed back before declaring. So don’t expect any drastic decisions.

I think the lottery was the goal and was within sight one month ago. But 21 is still in first round. Don’t see him passing on that.

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I am sure he will declare but not hire an agent.

I am feeling sorry for the Moodys. While this tournament was a major celebration for everyone, it may have sort of rocked what they were planning prior to the tournament. Hope for their sake, damage is reparable.

As they say, you have to earn your money. Pressure and money do strange things.

I have much respect for PGA Tour pros - especially those out of the world top 50 - because they can get zero if they don’t make the cut.

When a bad streak comes, they may not get a check for awhile.

The article did say he could recover somewhat with a good pre-draft showing.

I didn’t scroll down far enough. Story also talks about Devo, who it says is now a 2022 draft prospect pending improvement in long range shooting, better decision making, and learning how to play at a speed slower than hyperdrive.

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Same thing with pro Rodeo Cowboys/Cowgirls. Not a penny unless you’re in the money. Spent a lot of time around these folks back in the 70’s. They too have my respect.


I hope MM is thinking long term. Short term: Get drafted in the first round. Washes out within two to three years. Long term: Develops in college, gets drafted as a lottery pick and makes the NBA a career.

If he can’t dominate in the Big Dance, gets fatigued playing a college schedule, is not strong enough to go against physically developed men on a nightly basis in the NBA…then he needs to really consider developing his game and improving his body to make the NBA a career.

It should not be exclusively to get drafted in the first round. And what are his plans after the NBA? A college degree would help. Lot easier getting that degree now than trying to do so 10-15 years later when you’re married with kids and have to retrain yourself for proper study habits.


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Yes, if I remember right, Bobby was 20 or 21 and he’s done very well. Especially since he got with the Bucks. He’s now being paid great and he’s on a team that’s Championship caliber.

As PJ previously pointed out, Portis also had a drop in his play in the season ending tourneys.

I honestly don’t know, and I’m sure it’s very situational, but do the parents see this type of thing — an NBA draft worthy son — as a financial windfall for them too? If so, I bet that causes all sorts of problems. I only ask this because you use the term “Moodys.” Coaches have it bad enough depending on 18 year olds to make them successful. But at least coaches have contracts. Parents don’t. No guarantees in terms of how a young man dribbles a basketball, despite the best-laid plans.

No, I did not bring the parents into this because of possible for financial gain for them. My wife and I always wanted the best for our son in academics and sports and when an ACL wrecked what we thought was going to be an athletic scholarship for him, we were heartbroken, not for the loss of scholarship money but for ending his basketball dream. I was reminded of those thoughts and hence my comment,

Moodys are definitely not about money. Sorry if I gave that impression,


IMO it would be a gamble for Moses to come back. He should have a very lucrative pro career. And from all I’ve heard he should take care of that money well.


It seemed like a lot of his shots were short, could be the effect of a long season playing virtually every minute, or maybe tension, I’ve heard the term “short armed it” to reflect tension. Maybe he put extra pressure on himself being concerned about the draft position falling.

I figured it was combination of pressure and fatigue.

Fatigue will make cowards of us all.

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Lombardi saying rings true everyday, Moody will be fine in the long run, he’s a good kid with tons of potential. WPS

Not only do rodeo cowboys and ladies not get paid unless they win (normally pays several places ), they have to pay to play. With the travel, you can go in the hole real quick.

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