ESPN lists Gus and Norvell

As possible candidates. Which is pretty lazy.

Give it a little bit of thought, guys

Are we Gus’s security blanket in case he loses to Georgia and Bama? After what happened last go around, I sure hope HY does not return Sexton’'s call.

No Gus ever. Please move on

ESPN is rarely correct on coaching searches!

Agreed. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

With the amount of his Auburn buyout & being set for life, perhaps Gus would discount his rates at Arkansas.

WE all know how reliable ESPN is.

I wish the UA would issue a statement that says under no circumstances will it consider Gus Malzahn. I know that won’t happen, but I’m still chapped at the way he used us two years ago.

If Gus gets canned, he can go on the TV analyst circuit & enjoy his millions. I don’t want him here.


They are rarely correct on coaching hires!

Indeed they aren’t.

l saw that also, and almost laughed out loud. Solid work, ESPN! who’s your source, Wally, LOL


I don’t think there was a source. I think that was off the top of Chris Low’s head.

Just “No” to Gus!

Perhaps we can enable another raise from Auburn for Gus. I don’t believe he is worth it.