ESPN invalidated 1964 National Title

ESPN must have some Bama staffers. Just invalidated Hogs 1964 Football National Title. Stated if the Baseball Hogs win the 2018 college WS, it would be the Hog’s second title outside of track. Jokingly apologized to “Jerry and Jimmy.”
Hopefully the UA will most strongly object.


Just another reason to dislike ESPN.

Crazy people.

I don’t think they have that kind of power. If they want to recognize a team who lost their bowl game as the 1964 National Champions so be it. Reflects on their credibility or lack thereof. Not our’s.

Gimme a break, this network is a joke at even broadcasting a baseball game…who cares what they say :sunglasses:

Lost the bowl game to Texas, who we beat! AP changed the vote to after the bowl games the nest year! In 1964 their were about 6-8 entities who crowned a national champion. Only the wire services picked Alabama because they voted before the bowl games and moved on to other sports. Tat was the catalyst that led eventually to the current system.


Y’all are correct. Being Hog fans, we know the truth. But for the vast majority of people watching ESPN (mostly born after 1964), have no idea.

Just another example of fake news shaping public knowledge and opinion. Very frustrating to watch ESPN Sports Center last night.

That is why the UA needs to immediately correct ESPN…otherwise the fake news becomes fact within the minds of millions of sports fans. Shaping their limited knowledge of the UA and our history.


Must be a youngster who did that research. I don’t have much respect for anyone who came up with that.

Ive been fighting this battle for about 20 years now. For the first time in my life, I started hearing people say - every now and then - that Arkansas had never won a National Championship in Football. Since I lived it, I never had to look for any kind of external verification or confirmation - it just WAS.

But as I heard this more frequently, it dawned on me what had happened. Well, really, it was two things. One was that we had joined the SEC, where the one “pretender” to the 1964 throne resided - and it is a ravenous pretender. Alabama’s appetite for Titles in football - legitimate or otherwise - has no bounds. Even the ones that were around back then and know better have since rationalized that Alabama only lost to Texas because they already had the National Championship in their pocket. Yeah . . . right! That’s why Joe Namath has cried about the fact that he “really” scored when Texas stuffed him at the goal line at the end of the game. Because it really “didn’t matter” to him.

But there is another reason, and - there’s really no nice way to say this - it’s ignorance. Ignorance of the fact that until the BCS 20 years ago, there was NO official NCAA Champion in Division 1 Football; every National Championship before that time was “Mythical” and that very word was used all the time in describing it. To someone 30 years old, doing research on the internet, I’m sure it appears that the AP poll was “the authority” of record back then. And I understand why, but it’s not that simple. Unless you were there, in that time and place, as a college football fan, it’s hard to understand how it was. There were two major polls for sure - AP and UPI - and both were widely followed and respected. But there were other rankings that people followed, like the Dunkel index.

The AP would have been THE one,IF it had taken a vote after the Bowls. That didn’t matter in the 30’s and 40’s so much, but after the war (by the 50’s) with the addition of more Bowls and teams flying around the country for intersectional play, those games really mattered to fans and were critical in deciding among the top 3 or 4 teams. When AP stubbornly wouldn’t take a post-season vote (thanks to Notre Dame’s influence), other Championship trophies were created, specifically for that reason. Most often, they agree with the AP and UPI. But there were times when teams lost their Bowl games and it did make a difference. But someone from today just doesn’t understand that. They want the world of college football to be clear, as it is now (CFP winner is universally recognized). It just wasn’t that wan in 1964.

I only care because they have a platform for sports

They are pretty useless now

I used to watch them all the time - no longer - I only watch the SEC network and Razorback games on ESPN when the Razorbacks play -

I don’t watch sports center or any other ESPN program - If I wanted what they put out on those ESPN shows I’ll turn on MSNBC - at least they don’t pretend to be a sports network when they speak about politics

I watch sports to escape the 24-7 political madness

Same here. Use to really like some of their people back in the day. I just watch now for the Hogs and my Cardinals.

Their reasoning is that the “true” national championship was awarded to the team that topped the AP Poll.

How covenant for that reasoning to just happen to be fir the larger market in Alabama which liost to the Texas (spit) Arkansas beat and Arkansas - the smaller market those morons at ESPN over look despite Arkansas being the only undefeated team after the bowl

If ESPN was really as professional sports casters they would show thier knowledge and acknowledge that the “Arkansas “ title forced the AP to change the awarding the title after the bowl games

After all they are professionals - or maybe they are just lazy bums

Maybe we need to go Maxine Waters on them - after all they are not fans they are professionals - so we need to hold the program fesduonals accountable

This! Exactly - good post


As I addressed in my post, earlier in this thread.

A 33 year old will posit “The AP has been the poll of record ever since I can remember, so it must have always been the case”. And, he’d be partially true; in general, the AP poll does have the most credibility (or, has until the CFP came along). And, for anyone under 50, they probably don’t ever remember a College Football season in which the final poll was taken AFTER the Bowls. So, they assume, it must have been that way in 1964. With Alabama’s dominance the past decade, it doesn’t take too much of a leap of faith to “assume” that a one loss Alabama was judged - for whatever reason - ahead of a 1 loss Arkansas in a conference that was NOT the SEC. That’s another factor - the SEC is now assumed to have always been as dominant as it has been the last 15 years or so - and that’s just not correct. But people who weren’t around in the 1960’s have no way of knowing that.

Google is a great thing most of the time. The downside is that it makes it appear as if EVERY answer to EVERY question can be obtained in 10 seconds.

You can get pointed in the right direction to do some research in a few seconds (if you know how to construct the correct search inquiry), but that research sometimes does take time - a LOT more than 10 seconds. Unfortunately, most people under 40 just don’t have the patience and discipline to look beyond the quick answer to find out the right answer - especially in matters related to things that happened before they were born.

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