ESPN Insider lists a few candidates for Arkansas

I would prefer Norvell, but Leach would do something the Memphis coach cannot and that’s bring instant attention to the program.

Let’s face it - Arkansas is now an absolute nobody from a national perspective. Bottom feeder, cellar dweller, or whatever negative adjective you care to affix to the program is accurate.

Hiring Leach would be big news in CFB and some positive media attention and relevancy instead of an ESPN blooper would be nice for a change.

He’s a proven winner and, unlike this staff, a proven andxhighly successful QB developer on the P5 level and we all know that without a QB a CFB team is dead in the water.

I don’t think we will look at Leach.

Not sure Norvell will look at us.

Don’t know enough about the App St guy. But not appealing to the average fan (need fan excitement to go back up).

Harsin…interesting. Not sure about him.

I agree they probably won’t look at Leach…

I would like Leach or Norvell. Honestly if we Do change coaches. HOPEFULLY HY and the powers that be will interview COACHES that are interested, I read when we were looking 2 years ago Leach wanted to interview but we wouldn’t even give him an interview, I don’t know if that is true or not.But with our record the last 3 years we don’t need to be looking down on ANYBODY.

If we do fire Morris (I think he gets another year), I think money will play a factor. I don’t think Leach will take a lowball offer and with the uncertainty of the Bret situation, I’m not sure the boosters will want to shell out big money. Plus there are rumors Leach doesn’t play well with his bosses.

Out of the list above, I think the App St coach makes the most sense from a financial standpoint. But on the flip side, there was a lot of money being thrown at Gus, so it shouldn’t be a factor. Yet, it will be.

Any smart coach would demand a big salary AND a big buyout to take over any program that is in disarray.

Harsin as realistic as Beard was gonna come to Arkansas…at his dream job now.

Don’t disagree. Same as Gus leaving AUB. BOT members were sure they get him. Didn’t work out either time

Agree with you. Someone will be looking for a big payday.

At least Gus has a true Arkansas connect…Harsin is at his Alma Mater and hometown. Doubt he would even accept an interview.

Norvell still wants the job.

Didn’t know that about his hometown. Makes sense he wouldn’t be looking.

I’m thinking maybe an up and coming coordinator or get a non P5 coach that doesn’t have a big pedigree. JMO…but I think the App St coach would make the most sense of the ones listed

Depends on the $$$$

Oh sure… but he remains very interested.

We beat Miss St and W Kentucky its all moot…no problem, right?:sunglasses:

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That’s the rumor.

How do you know?
I’d love Norvell, I wonder what kind of staff he could put together though.

Man…I’ve never claimed to be an insider at all nor am I one now.

But, occasionally even a little ole guy like me finds out something.

Confident he’s very interested.

It really seems like Norvell makes the most sense. I think he’d make more fans happy than any other attainable option, he has connections to the state, he has an exciting offense, he’s had time to get some experience, the national press would love it.

Imagine how sick we’d be if he wound up going to Ole Miss and turning it around there.

It’s fun to talk about others, but Norvell has too much going for him not to be the favorite.

Again, with Norvell it comes down to how much we offer. He’s not going to get lowballed and take the job, and we may not be able to offer what he wants. Now, if the Bielema situation is decided by the time a search starts then you could see higher offers, but because no one knows how that situation plays out, the big money guys may not be wanting to donate big money to pay three head coaches.