ESPN has Burks going

13th in the draft to the Browns according to Jordan Reid. Only Wilson-WR from Oh St going sooner.
Kinda agree there. Mayfield needs a playmaker.

If so, TB has made himself more $ than folks were thinking when he passed on bowl game. I hope he gets it.

Daniel Jeremiah at NFL Network has him eighth to the Falcons.

Burks has become a hot commodity and he deserves all he gets, great player and even better person. WPS

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Goodness, I hope he’s not stuck with Baker as his QB…not ideal for a rookie.

I think he will go early, also. He is such a talent and a game changer for any NFL team.

That would be a great spot (in the draft) and a bad spot (with Mayfield as his QB). Mayfield couldn’t get OBJ the ball. He then went to the Rams and has had a big impact.

I think Mayfield and OBJ were more a personality clash, although no WR ever thinks he gets the ball enough. Cleveland is a better team than Atlanta, but I’d say Matt Ryan is still better than Mayfield.

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