ESPN Gameday

Nothing like a little positive coverage on the most watched CFB preview show!


Why am I am not surprised to see who brought this to the board??

Just cause you don’t like the message, does not mean you should attack the messenger. Whether you agree or disagree with JacksonReid’s statements on the board, the fact remains that he is correct in his thought that we do not need that kind of thing showing up on College Game Day Preview. And bringing it to the board is neither good nor bad, its just sharing factual information. This did appear. FACT. Its bad pub for us. FACT.

Personally, I’d rather be informed of what’s going around than keep my head buried in the sand. So I read all information good or bad.

Now lets all see if we can play nice together and not act like democrats vs republicans.

WE all love the hogs. WE all bleed razorback red. WE all crap little texans. PERIOD!

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You get my point - I don’t think some realize how badly our brand has been harmed the last two seasons. Going 2-10 and 2-6 is bad in and of itself, but they ways we have achieved it is just embarrassing - N Texas punt, Auburn fake punt buffoonery, etc. Everything combined has made us a complete and utter laughingstock on the national stage and that’s the reason you see signs like this on Gameday.

This type of exposure - and there were more signs like this - has and will harm the program now and in the future for whoever we hire to try and rebuild us to an acceptable level of performance.

Way too many folks on this board are like this when it comes to Razorback footballimage

Sorry, but failing to see the benefit of that sign or the incessant attacks, albeit not as public, as helpful; does not mean one does not see the problem.

IMHO, this type of action in pure and simple stupidity.
Do not air your dirty laundry in public.

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb. Not all publicity is good publicity.
Don’t shoot your foot trying to get your gun out.

Does anyone think this was positive for recruiting?

Of course it’s not good publicity! It’s an example of the brand degradation of Razorback football.

I think it’s an example of fan stupidity…


I saw a sign mentioning Hicks as well. Something to the effect of - Hicks I bet you wish you’d stayed.