ESPN FPI projects our record for 2017

. . . at 6-6. And their pre-season ratings have us at #10 in the SEC.

Just presented as an “FYI” . . . SIAP . . . … /_/tab/fpi

Hope to hell they’re wrong. We go 6-6 & finish 10th in the SEC, CBB will be feeling more than just a little heat.

That is not a surprise after the way the season ended. The Hogs need to come out of the gate strong, or 6-6 is a real possibility.

I’m not surprised with those projections. Hope they are wrong though. In year 5 I feel that 6-6 should be an embarrassing projection for BB. Hopefully he will take it and shove it down their throats, but I’m not holding my breath.

NE, he is already feeling the heat; otherwise he would not have fired his DC and be shifting to a 3-4. Merely an attempt to quell the out-cry after the season ending thud.

6-6 record wouldn’t surprise me at all; something better wouldn’t either.

I always (almost every year) look back at the 1963 record and what basically the same roster of players (with a couple of new difference makers) accomplished in 1964. How foolish.

I think that’s true, but if he goes 6-6 in 2017 it will be much hotter. I like CBB. I like the way he’s running the program. I hate the way fans seem to expect more of a coach than they realistically should. Still, if he goes 6-6 this year after the way we finished last year, a whole lot of people will be screaming for a change.

As they should.

And the usual suspects pop up with their doom and gloom, 4.5 months before anyone is blocked or tackled. :roll:

You seriously have reading comprehension problems. Did I predict doom and gloom Mr. Rainbows & Unicorns? Nope

I actually think the schedule sets up for success. I merely commented on a post stating if Arkansas finishes 6-6 again that the wolves will be howling and said they should be.

3-9, 6-6, 7-5, 7-5, and 6-6 would equal a pink slip at most schools that care about being good in football.

Truthfully, none of these prognosticators know enough to predict anything. Hell, the Hogs could win the West this year for all anyone knows. But Swine is one on the great Hog propagandists of all time. Gotta hand it to him, especially if he is truly as optimistic as he portrays. Especially in the face of the big man’s epic mediocrity during his tenure here, which includes a few stinging losses last season that won’t wash off anytime soon.

Keep it up Swine.

Funny, maybe I’m seeing rainbows and unicorns also, but with what I strongly believe will be a vastly improved offensive line, much better defensive scheme (probably coaches also) with the apparent right people manning it (even if it’s not perfect in it’s first year), and new quality receivers to replace the really good ones that we had, and highly teed off players with chips on their shoulders from the conclusion of last year, ESPN might end up having us as the surprise team of the year if it all pans out. Yeah, it might not, but right now I remain too optimistic to even ponder “what if it doesn’t?”. Keep up the faith, Swine, brother! WPS!!!

The conversation centered on ESPN’s 6-6 projection and the fan’s response not about our personal thoughts. The Razorback fan reaction would not be about extending BB’s contract although crazier things have happened with Razorback management. The offense will be better but unless that unicorn can clog up the middle really well the defense could give us that kind of season. New coaches and technique usually don’t add up for large leaps in improvement, and in fact there’s usually a drop off in the first half of the season for the adjustments to take place. The good news is the defense (at least rushing) can’t fall any further.

Not sure…with his buyout why would he?