ESPN FPI projections remaining games

I could live with 9-3, but I would rather lose to UAPB than lose to ole miss.

I guess I’ll just have to settle for 10-2. :grin:

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At the beginning of the season, I was thinking 7-5 would be our max with a most likely 6-6 finish knowing Sam is building from the ground up and that takes patience and time. That FPI projects to 8-4. I’d be thrilled with 8-4 as that is massive progress compared to the last several years. 9-3 or dare I even say it… 10-2… well that would have me doing… hmm I’d say back flips, but at my age I can barely get down on the floor and roll let alone think about a flip!! Still I’d be super stoked!!


I too predicted 6-6 and maybe 7-5. I thought 8-4 was possible but not very likely. Now I think 8-4 or 9-3 are equally likely. At this point I’ll be disappointed with 7-5, but that only requires 2 more conference wins. The only game I’m sure we’ll lose is Alabama. Unless we have a rash of injuries (always a possibility) I’m pretty certain we beat MU. Only need 2 wins out of the OM, AU, LSU, MSU group to get us to 8 wins. (UAPB is a given.)

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Schedule is plus for Hogs. Auburn plays Ga before us , MSU plays Ky, LSU gets Bama. And Mo gets Florida. Gotta like that for a change. Bama gets New Mexico State—-of course they do!


The schedule is favorable for sure. Before the season I thought 6-6 would be an improvement and should satisfy the fan base. With the early success and our current record the hogs should pass that pretty easy as long as injuries are avoided.
After watching Ole Miss, Auburn,
Miss St, LSU and Missouri play the hogs
Are fully capable of winning those.
The only non conference game left with UAPB should be a win that could give the hogs 10 wins. The Bama game I don’t see the hogs wining that one.
From 7-6 and up to 10-2 we are light years ahead of where were under Chad Morris!

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So, essentially, still projecting the same result (8 wins) as a week ago.

To be more precise, now looking at 8.05 wins as opposed to 8.3 before the Georgia game.

I see you detest that bunch as much as I do. They have done so little to think so much of what they have done.


Amen. Truer words have never been spoken

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Odd setup behind their data - it shows us losing to OM and Bama, but finishing 8-4. They must know our “barely 50%” vs LSU means a loss?

oklahawg, scroll up a couple of posts to my last entry, and click on that link for an explanation of why theri prediction is 8, even though we are favored in 5 of the remaining games.

Cliffs notes: just because a team is favored in a game, that is not the same as saying they are “predicted to win it”. For example, in a 10 game season, if a team had a 55% chance of winning each individual game, would you expect them to go 10-0? No, because a slim favorite loses almost as often as it wins.

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