ESPN Elevates Darious Hall To 4-star (story)... … us-hall-4/

Good for him. Good for us.

It is hard to believe there are 100 players out there better than Hall. It is going to be highly entertaining watching Hall, Bailey and CJ on the same team.

That’s awesome for Hall. Makes the class look that much better. Although I don’t really look at ESPN for rankings because they probably update theirs the least of the of the services (247, scout, rivals, hoopseen). It was a while before they even decommitted Garland from Memphis and put him as an Arkansas commit. I’ve found 247 is the most frequently updated and Jerry Meyer and his staff usually give pretty accurate rankings.

With that said, it’s still always good when you get a good rankings on ESPN just because the SEC Network is with ESPN, and all our games are on an ESPN Networks so when they are talking recruit rankings and about our season predictions and all that they will use the ESPN rankings. So, it’s always better publicity to get a class with a good ESPN ranking.

Also, it’s kinda crazy how big of a difference in ranking you can have from one site to the other.

Gafford is rated anywhere from 31 (Rivals) - 78 (247sports)
Garland is rated anywhere from 61 (ESPN) - Unranked (Hoopseen)
Hall is rated anywhere from 4-star (ESPN) - Unranked (Hoopseen)

Perry is rated anywhere from 13 (Hoopseen) - 78 (247sports)
Sills is rated anywhere from 114 (247sports) - Unranked (ESPN, Hoopseen, Scout)
Joe is rated anywhere from 113 (247sports) - Unranked (ESPN, Hoopseen, Scout)

The program is alive and well! Excited about our recruiting success. We have to keep heading in this direction! ghg

While I agree that ESPN is extremely slow, it has seemed over the past few years, that the other services will update their rankings closer to ESPN’s rankings (once they’ve posted them) as it gets closer to signing day. So, I expect all of these guys (2017) to update within the next few months to 4* on all sites.

I’m not sure about that, I don’t think other services care what ESPN is doing. Both Scout and 247sports have more people covering basketball recruiting and they usually rank a lot more kids. ESPN has really fallen off in basketball recruiting over the past few years. They primarily focus on their top 100, then after that they really don’t put much effort into their rankings. A good example is our 2016 class. Only 1 recruit (Brachen Hazen) was ranked on ESPN, now we did have 3 JUCOs in our class and only rivals and 247 rank JUCOs, but they didn’t even have Adrio Bailey ranked, who was a 3-star prospect on every other service. It wouldn’t surprise me if both Sills and Joe never received a ranking from ESPN.

That may be true, but when they talk about player’s rank on college basketball telecasts, they always use ESPN ranking Our own Richard Davenport uses ESPN ranking a lot. So, it is nice to get ESPN ranking right.

Yea, that’s what I said earlier. And I agree with you, when it comes to publicity and all that having a good ESPN ranking is the best thing to have.