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If you haven’t read the article I urge you to. Myron Medcalf is an obvious Kentucky homer. I felt it put we Hog fans down. No doubt Marcus lied. I know for a fact he pushed him toward Kentucky! I would like others opinions.

Thanks for the heads up.

Definitely not flattering for Hog fans, however the author did mention that not all Hog fans were bad and that any school’s fans would have been upset.

Malik’s pick of UK upped the already enormous pressure on CMA this year. Tourney or bust.

I don’t think it is going to be an issue as I think Arkansas is going to make the NCAA Tournament.

But let’s day he doesn’t and he is let go - and then the 8 recruits committed/signed in 2017, 2018 and 2019 decide to go elsewhere, where are you then.

It would be a big risky decision for Long.



I hope you are right.

I can’t imagine all 8 recruits would go elsewhere. That would have to be unprecedented. But you are the expert and certainly closer to the situation than I am.

But yeah, I am with you, I hope it isn’t an issue we have to discuss.

I’ve said before that I’m don’t like Mike. I know you’ve seen me say that.

I also believe this team isn’t a lock for the NCAAT. My prediction is between 20-24 wins. That doesn’t necessarily get a SEC team in (those are bubble team numbers, me personally, I believe 23 gets you in). However, I also believe this year will be equivalent to Nolan’s second year. You can see this team is improved. You can also see the “next 8” plus a lot more interested. It’s easy to see in 3/4 years that CMA will have those Sweet 16 type teams that we want to see. Unfortunately, if he doesn’t make the tourney this year, I think it’ll be risky for Long either way. While I think this is the turning point season what happens if someone gets injured or a touted freshmen doesn’t qualify. If Long decided to keep him, then a setback (out of CMA’s control) could hurt Long too. If he lets him go, and those 8 don’t come here and go somewhere else and become All Americans it’ll be equally disastrous for Long. I think he is sitting in a no win situation.

By the way, because I know what some will say, I believe CMA should be here next year, maybe more.

Damn, this wasn’t meant to be about Mike! I don’t want a coaching change at all! I was trying to bring your attention to how they are trying to act as a family being mistreated by Arkansas fans! Marcus is who I have a problem with!

Monk’s mother is exaggerating

I watched much of last year’s state tournament (in Cabot) and did not hear the taunts and boo’s toward Monk.

Marcus did a lot of hollering at the officials. Many thought he was WAY out of line.

One question I have is. How did mama Monk get to Kentucky and watch a practice? I guess she has a new job there.


Funny, things said in that article were said when he chose KY and after. I do agree about Marcus, but at the same time a few former Hogs backed Marcus and Malik. One even said Marcus would shift the focus of the blame on him instead of Malik. He has done that quite a bit. He is now a pariah here.

I know the Beckham’s (DGB’s older brother to be specific) said very similar things about AR and its fans as well. There was an article that wasn’t very flattering then too.

I’m sure he was treated differently when he declared. How bad it was I don’t know. Sorry, he will not be part of Razorback memories. He and his family made a business decision. I hope it works. Hey, didn’t another player who made a business decision just get cut. Oh well. :frowning:


Oh, you are referring to scum bag one and scum bag two.

Wouldn’t read about them unless you paid me a LOT, and I mean a LOT of money.


In 3 years he made $3,336,840. All before the age of 23.

He will be back in the league soon.


And if he blows all of it like a lot of these guys do, where will he be in about 3 years.

And that would have been different if he had not turned his coat?

UK did not make him that money, not one penny of it.

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The worst part of the article was the writer Myron Metcalfe buying into the common theory that Calipari is great at producing NBA talent,

Does anyone know what was the purpose of Jackie Monk moving her family from Lepanto to Bentonville? Has his cousin Ky Madden ever commented on Malik selecting Kentucky?