-- Peters a likely NFL HOF selection

Not bad for a guy who started out his pro career as a tight end, and played DE for us.

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I don’t think there is any doubt Peters will be a hall of fame inductee. The question is whether he will be the next Razorback inducted into a major hall of fame. I thought Sidney Moncrief and Steve Atwater might have made it by now, but they keep getting passed over. I don’t think Peters will make it on the first ballot, but I don’t think he’ll have to wait long. He might be the best tackle of his time.

I remember Peters playing TE along side of Shaun Andrews on goal line. I can’t ever remember him playing much defense.

I think he came to Arkansas as a defensive tackle and converted to tight end during or after his freshman year. He was predominantly a tight end here.

I’ve recently seen video from the 7 OT game at Kentucky. Peters made a couple of key catches. After one of them, Dave Barnett exclaims "You’ll never guess who caught it! Jason Peters who is a defensive end!’

IIRC, Peters first catch of his career came in the same game that Matt Jones completed his first pass - but the two events were not on the same play.

Peters’ caught a long ball from Zak Clark as Jason was running down the west sideline toward the SEZ. He was pretty well covered but it was a perfectly lofted pass that he caught over the shoulder for about 30 yards. Wouldn’t you have hated to have been the poor DB that had to tackle him (and, he did, about 5 yards short of the goal line)?

As for Matt’s first TD, it was - typically for him - on his very first pass attempt as a Hog. If you will remember, he only came in and ran the option his first game or two. The big question was whether he could pass effectively or not - no one had seen him throw a ball in a game. On this play, he took the snap, drifted around in the pocket in what we came to know as his usual style, with DL’s nipping at his heels, and found Richard Smith in the back of the NEZ for about a 20 yard TD.

I do believe Matt is the only QB in Arkansas history to complete both his very first AND very last passes in DWRRS for TD’s (last came to TE Jared Hicks against Ole Miss in 2004).

Oh - and another thing. Peters went UNDRAFTED, if you can believe that. Came into the NFL as a free agent.


Awesome post Wiz! Mahalo.