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Lists Sampson as the frontrunner (duh) but the rest of it is behind the paywall and I haven’t paid, so don’t know who else is mentioned. Anyone who subscribes to ESPN+, take a look.

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They had as the next four Chris Beard, Buzz Williams, Mick Cronin, and Greg Marshall. Said our program should be doing much better that it has for last 20 years. Said you can win big at Arkansas

I’m not a Greg Marshall fan! If they offer enough Cash they can get a good coach!

I don’t disagree with that assessment. Of course it would help if our fanbase would quit shooting us in the foot. Not sure I’m thrilled with that list. Especially since of those four coaches, Marshall is the only one that even has a moderate tempo; the other three slow it down. But maybe that’s what we need to do (I can hear Gas blowing a gasket already). Shorten the game.

Winning is the key. Everybody would gladly trade the SH-JP era for a Sutton clone with a Sutton like record at Arkansas.

I am not big on “style” one way or the other. Do I like uptempo everything else being equal? Sure. But JUST WIN BABY!

The only “style” issue I have is I want a defense that scares the other side. Even though Eddie was a completely different “style” than Nolan, both had defenses that would put fear into the other side.

It hit me at some point during the Heath time that we had become one of the teams that were scared by other teams defenses. I never want to be that way.

Style points don’t count, winning is very stylish in my opinion. WPS