on Austin Allen

Pretty glowing praise.

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Great read. AA is much better than I expected. He can make things happen.

He was hurt Saturday night and kept going. That showed his toughness and a lot of heart.

We definitely need to get Ty Story some reps in a game to help him out. We will need Ty at some point in the season.

Great report and on the money.
It’s time for the rest of the offense to step up for AA. He and the WR’s have been the fighters on that side of the ball. He made a couple of mistakes in the opener, but shook it off and won the game for us and the next one on the road. The rest need to get their head on straight and produce for him. We don’t want him to be playing half the season battered or hurt like his brother had to, we have the players around him now to prevent that, unlike what BA had at the time.

Our defense needs to recognize as well.