Bielema -- fun but focused

Good read. Mentions “Being Bret Bielema” and the self-serving quote from the unnamed SEC coach, who I would bet lives in Lafayette County, Mississippi.

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Tonight’s show was great: “I’m a famous shopper.” :lol:

That article was right on, too.

Ryan McGee does a good job. I thought that was one of the better profiles I’ve read of him.

On the anonymous comment, I doubt it was an SEC head coach who said that. My guess is it was an assistant, perhaps one who was scorned here. I read that article and don’t remember it making the distinction between head coaches and assistant coaches.

My money is on Dave Womack. The coach that made that quote was obviously close to Nutt.

I’m sure Coach B has a good idea who said it. Should make the Ole Miss game fun.

That would not surprise me. And Dave meets my geographic prediction.

The anonymous quote made me spew my coffee. Too bad I can’t spew it in the face of who said that.