ESPN Classic

is showing 4 Arkansas basketball games including:

LSU vs Ark ‘94
KY vs Ark ‘95

I was searching for the replay of the A&M football game and ended up watching Nolan instead.

If there is a Hog- Ken b-ball game on espn u or sec network they always show the 95 ark game They never show a game we win with them

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I think part of that is due to the fact there weren’t many Arkansas-Kentucky games on an ESPN-affiliated channel before 2014. I don’t watch much of ESPN Classic, but what I see there seems to be coming from the ESPN or ABC inventory.

Most of those Arkansas-Kentucky games were on CBS or Jefferson Pilot. The 1995 SEC Tournament game was an exception because ESPN2 had the rights to the tournament championship.

Whatever you think of the outcome, most would agree that was an incredible game — maybe the best in tournament history.

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