ESPN bubble watch

A few positive blurbs for the Hogs in the newest Bubble Watch…

i posted this link earlier also. on other threads there are folks still debating if we are a lock if we lose to mizzou, auburn or ole miss. but the arguments on this bubblewatch link are solid to lock us in. time for the hogs (and fans) to build some confidence and momentum. we are not going to lose to mizzou and most likely will get to semifinals. now if the right teams keep winning (cmon mount saint Mary’s and south Dakota state tonight) and we do what we are supposed to do friday, our seeding can keep going up to that 7 seed we all want. the fun is just starting.

Sorry, browsing on my phone and missed that you had posted already. Sorry for the repeat!

Agree completely with your assessment above though.

I’m happy someone else thought it was an accurate and exciting write up… now time to stop sweating the bubble and sit back and watch our rpi rise

My Saint Mary’s up 11 with 7:05 left 2d half

What bugs me is how Wichita State is ranked in the top 25 and thier sos / RPI / in that sorry conference has them so overrated. Put them in a power 5 conference and they would. E lucky to be 500! A few years ago they were legit. Not now! All the garbage about an ACC team with a 4-14 conference record being in consideration is insane!
Sorry for venting

Wichita is 10th in Kenpom and 29th in RPI (per Realtime). Wanna bet they win a tournament game?

11 wins vs rpi top 100… how many does wichita st have?

3 per real time rpi.

If the hogs are an 8or 9 seed that would be the matchup I think we win. Especially if Gonzaga is the 1 seed