ESPN Broadcast had some weird camera angles

I can say that I definitely did not like it when they seem to switch to a strange camera angle from the side. It seemed as if they had a suspended camera on a cable that could move along the side. The angle was much lower in viewing the court and just seemed to make it hard to watch.

Anyone else notice this, like it, hate it, etc?

I’m a big big fan of “if its not broke, don’t fugg with it”. I sure hope CBS doesn’t take any cues from ESPN. Maybe it was something just associated with the Tampa stadium, I don’t know. I haven’t noticed that in any of the other non-sec games I’ve watched this week.

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I noticed and hated it. It makes you kinda dizzy.

I noticed it…and hated it. Almost like watching a game at Okie Lite.


Don’t like it at all. It was done some last year as well on some bball broadcasts. Apparently this is some of the same camera angles used in gaming?

Makes it difficult to see the action on the far side of the court.

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They are trying to get some of the same views that the cable cam in football gets, I guess. First time I have seen this in basketball but it might work if they perfect it more. There is a minimum clear height requirement in basketball so I wonder, if they can fly under the scoreboard but above the height limit, when we will see them following the fast break from behind and above showing the play development? They have the camera directly above the goal which they can swing from side to side. Maybe they will hover above and behind the player with the ball on the fast break next. I guess it would be distracting for the people at the game, but no more than the cable camera flying around the field in football I guess. It may be OK eventually.

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