ESPN broadcast crew for Saturday

According to the UA game notes, the announcers are Dave Flemming (PBP), Rod Gilmore (analyst), Tiffany Blackmon (cliche’ halftime questions). I can’t recall any of those doing previous Hog games but I could be wrong,

Gilmore is not that great


Flemming’s day job is as play by play man for the San Francisco Giants.

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In the days before sideline reporters, ABC would station people behind each bench who would check with the training staff on injuries and report to the truck, which would pass that information on to the talking heads in the booth.

For the 1980 Arkansas-Texas game at Austin, the person stationed behind our bench was me. In the second quarter, somebody limped off, I got the update from Dean Weber (it wasn’t severe) and prepared to relay that information. The protocol was to wait for a pause in the chatter on the headset, pipe up with “injury report!” and the producer would tell you to proceed. I did so, but the producer didn’t seem to be interested. Tried again a bit later, and the producer basically cussed me out. He did seem to be interested in the reports from my counterpart on the EOE sideline though. So I pretty much gave up for the rest of the night. If you didn’t find out who was out and why that night, that’s why. An easy $50 for watching the game from the sideline, basically.

Flemming and Gilmore did the last Arkansas football game

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I like Gilmore a lot. He has an easy smooth delivery as the analyst. He knows the game. He is a PAC-12 guy. But he’s good.

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Flemming and Gilmore did the Outback Bowl. Gilmore has done a few Razorback games in the past. I know he was on the crew with Marc Jones when we won at Tennessee in 2015. Did the Independence Bowl back in 03 with Sean McDonough and Mike Golic

I would love for Danyelle Sargent Musselman to return to the sidelines or her buddy Sage Steele to get a huge Arkansas bias and recruiting advantage… Cannot argue they are not qualified. Gilmore is sometimes over the top but he is a good football guy, I flash to Art Fleming and jeopardy when I hear the name Flemming doing PBP. That crew choice indicates some high priority choice by the network.

Bill Flemming was a great college football broadcaster as I recall. Sideline guy for ABC? He did Indy racing too, on the track.

Which I didn’t watch because I was there. I stopped doing the DVR. I already know what happened and I’m not going to spend 2 hours fast forwarding through commercials. If I want to see stuff again, I can go to YouTube for highlights.

Cool. Congrats.

Two hours to fast forward? Takes me 10 secs per 1 1/2 min / 2 min commercial, 3-4 hits, 30 secs forward per hit. Must be a different style DVR.

Only way I watch a game, or any TV for that matter. That’s how I feel 'bout watching a game live, not going to waste my time watching commercials, if I’m anxious, I’ll just delay the kickoff 30m.

Ha, I was there behind you.

I almost never watch live due to commercials and having to listen to talking heads at half who normally don’t really know anything


I’ll listen to Chuck and Quinn.

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