ESPN article on Mussleman

Nice article. I am really excited about Coach Musselman. This could work out really well. Go Hogs.

Very pumped with where I see our program direction going. The sky is the limit. I believe
Coach Mussleman believes that also. We will become a top ten type team. At that level,
the mountaintop is in striking distance.

Per our great former coach NR, “you have to feed the monster.”
We as a fan base are ready and expecting to get back to the point that the sweet sixteen
is the generally expected measuring stick. One and done ain’t getting it done.

He just had a new hire today, hired a young lady from Bucknell to run the multi-media for the basketball
team. Sure the story will be posted soon on this site.

I am giddy about the future of men’s basketball under Musselman.

I’m usually cautiously optimistic about new coaches. Muss has me dropping that cautious part.

I feel the same. My default position is cautious optimism with a new coach. But I’m not cautious at all in this case because absolutely all signs point to Musselman being hugely successful here. If there was any way to buy stock in the basketball program, I would be buying as much as I could right now.