ESPN 4-star guard Bryce Thompson thrilled by Arkansas offer, planning visit (audio) … -arkansas/

I’m liking what I’m hearing here. I think we have a legit shot with this kid. When CMA has multiple connections with out of state kids like this he usually lands the them. Examples… Phil Pressey, Jimmy Whitt, Keyshawn Embery etc.

This 2020 class is going to be interesting, we really only have 1 scholarship, but I think it will probably end up being a 3-4 kid class. Right now feeling good about Chris Moore, Jaylin Williams, Devonte Davis, and Bryce Thompson. If we’re not the leaders for all of them right now we’re definitely in all our their top 3 just from the sounds of things.

would trade Moses Moody for devo although I would like it very much if we could land 5 just to have devo as well

Hard to read where Moody is rn. Been kinda quiet on that end. It was reported a few weeks back he was looking to take an official to Arkansas, however I don’t think a date has been confirmed. I’m assuming we’ll learn a lot more about our chances with him once he makes that official.