ESPN 3 = No TV for me

Boo Hiss, that really stinks.

Not sure, but I don’t think you need any login for games on espn3. I’d try and see if you can get it.

Oh yeah they did. Gotta have an Internet provider. I’m currently staying in a motel. Ive got a zillion channels, but no ESPN3.

You don’t have a smartphone or tablet?

I’ve watched many a game on my phone

I don’t believe that’s the point. I think he’s saying that regardless of what he has, what he does not have is the ability to log in (i.e., account information from a provider that allows access to WatchESPN).

I have a laptop and a cell phone. I can not access the game on either.

I guess I misread it

When you said you had all the channels I thought you meant as part of your home TV service