ESPN 2 or ESPN about 10 minutes ago

Said 2 PM ???

I’ve got an idea.

MATT, start a post and have it the official latest word on the BB game today. :slight_smile:

I sure don’t want a stop and go game. I don’t care how long they wait to start it. Playing this game out over an extended period of time would not be good for either team going forward.


The radar looks good once the current area moves through Omaha. I think we’ll be able to get in our game. Whether more junk shows up for Heels vs. Beavers remains to be seen.

The team that can best maneuver all of these delays (whether hourly or daily delays) will be the team that has the best chance to win the title. Oregon State and Florida–two favorites who lost their first games–may be able to regroup and throw their best pitchers, especially the more days the weather delays games. While I realize that is true for the other four remaining teams as well, there is a reason Florida and Oregon State were the favorites of their brackets coming in.

So far nothing has been delayed long enough for pitching depth to matter. Florida is still going to play the elimination game tomorrow and Singer won’t be pitching in it. It’s not likely that the elim game will be pushed back any. Hopefully we’re not in that elim game against whoever they throw. With Kowar throwing a ridiculous number of pitches yesterday, he won’t be coming back early.

I’ll start worrying about the other side of the bracket when it’s confirmed that we are playing one of them.