Espn 2 Georgia game

So maybe I missed the decision to have a 4 way split screen? ESPN not doing it.

To many moving parts IMO.

Georgia 7-zip. Barley made that extra point.

Multiple options to watch. ESPNU is skycam from the roof of the dome looking down. ESPNNews is an angle that shows all 22 players all the time. SEC Network has split screen showing game and Georgia sideline, with Georgia’s announcers on audio.

I do like the split screen with stats. IMO
Mich out on downs, Ga ball 7-0

Ga 14-zip

4:41 in 1st

I’m just watching on ESPN… Georgia came to play tonight Michigan’s in trouble

Trick play for the Dawgs. MMmm

Not a good start for Mich

You’re right youdaman.

Are we the only ones here youdaman?

I don’t know… I just decided to check in a second ago…

Mich QB needs more war paint, as do others.

Need a stat for knocked down passes.

Dean is a beast.

17- zip. Mercy thats a win for the Mich defense but it’s better than 21-zip

OK learning how to watch the 4 split screen is not bad.

I have 2 TV’s going so why should I complain. LOL

17-0 Long past and here comes Dean.

17- 3 FG Mich

20- 3 Ga FG

Mich lucky it was not a TD

Where did you go youdaman?

I feel like Swine here. This is about his post average right?

27 to 3 all GA.

So maybe the SEC is good. LOL

Why didn’t Ga play like this against the TIDE.


Team speed is killing mich

Cin and Mich finding out what FB is about!