Especially for Gas!

It may not be a stat in the box score, but they ARE counting!

Gotta start somewhere! Counting is good. But if you are going to court anyway, give it a column every game.

They also count deflections per game and per player. Would love to see stats on that. Maybe Scott or Matt or Dudley can find out for us.

I like to see the dunks but there are times they Miss and we end up with no points! I would like to have the points. If they have a clean dunk by all means slam it but if they don’t just lay it in over the rim!

:shock: I assure you, we have missed more open layups that we should have dunked than missed dunks. It’s not ever close. In fact it’s a landslide. We miss more open layups than any team in America. I will say it’s gotten better as of late. Dunk over layup, every time.

Whose deflections are you interested in? I can relay that this afternoon if you have any players in mind.

Really the entire team. But definitely like to see stats on the wing players Barford, Macon, Beard and Hall.

Arkansas has 1,023 deflections as a team, according to the UK game notes, which averages out to around 38 per game. Daniel Gafford leads the team with 168, Anton Beard has 128 then Barford with 126. Dustin Thomas is next with 97, Adrio 89, Darious Hall 88 and Daryl 82. Gabe has 37, seven in the two games last week.

Thanks for the quick work. Here are deflections per minute leaders

Osabuohien 0.34 deflections per minute
Gafford. 0.28
Bailey. 0.27
Thomas 0.23
Hall 0.22
Beard 0.16
Barford 0.14
Macon 0.10

This stat is a reflection of how active a player is on defense and how fast he is on his feet. I would have guessed the order of all leaders except one. Thomas being #4 was a surprise, but I am quite pleased by it. I have a soft spot for Dustin.