Error on that call on the Franklin infield hit?

The official scorekeeper must be asleep, never seen that call ever.

:shock: :shock:no way,has to be a hit

That one may be changed.

That should have been scored a hit.

Kessinger kinda double-clutched it but double clutching doesn’t normally get you an error.

Kessinger’s grandpa Don (former Cub SS) went to Ole Miss out of Forrest City High, by the way, so there’s an Arkie connection there.

I was a little boy & remember watching Kessinger play basketball & football in high school. He was an amazing athlete.

Fields it clean, he throws him out.

It’s a ruling I agree with even if Franklin is a blur when running.

I thought error was the right call. Kessinger’s double clutch allowed Franklin the split second he needed to beat the throw (so close it was decided on replay and actually appeared to be a tie). JMO.