Error 502

This error is getting frustratingly old! I don’t get the error on any other site I go to. I’ve never before even seen that error code in the decades that I’ve been on the internet. What’s the problem? Can you not fix it? Ever?


Once I get it on my phone I might as well never try again. My desktop computer works most of the time, but my phone works maybe 10% of the time.

I’ve never gotten it anywhere but these forums either.

Im sure they will fix it eventually.

502 has gone away for me (looking for a wooden surface to knock on). But I’m sure it will eventually return.

I took this particular post straight to the top. I understand the frustration.


Strange one for me. I get that error sometimes when using phone on wi-fi in my house. The fix for me is switch phone to data. I’ve never gotten the error on data. It’s been happening a lot more lately, but switching to data always resolves it for me. So I thought it was related to my ISP, but apparently not since so many others are experiencing it.

I’m in IT myself, but I have no ideas why it happens. But that little bit of info may help the techs, give them an idea where to look to drill down on the problem.

Interesting. I got the same error screen tonight when I tried to open my first article on Whole Hog Sports. Toggled back to the previous screen and when I retried to open the same article I had no problem. Now if I could just find some such easy way to solve my many lifelong and recurring problems with wimmen, . . . . . . . . . .

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I haven’t been able to read the articles on my phone in over a month, but I can still access the forums.

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Same here…

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