Erin Outley will

visit Tulane this Saturday, Georgia March 28th and Florida State on April 4th.

Do you still like our chances with him

Very much so.

Great good to hear!

Tulane? Free trip to the Big Easy I guess, but otherwise not a prime destination.

Unofficial visit. Paying their own way.

Even more puzzling then.

There’s a reason Willie Fritz’s name kept popping up on so many coaching search lists. He must be doing something right!

As a Tulane grad, I resent that remark saying it is not a prime destination. Seriously, when I was at Tulane 1968-1972 Tulane football was a joke and my #1 team Arkansas was playing games to be #1 in the country. Tulane is not Georgia but they are not a joke now. I went to Homecoming this year, my first Tulane game in 50 years, at their new on campus stadium.

New Orleans has always been a prime destination, just not to play football at Tulane. Maybe that’s changing.

Which is what I was talking about.

I agree New Orleans has always been a prime destination, I have not been going back each year for 50 years just to see the campus or football or basketball (which I have only done twice, once for a basketball game and once for a Homecoming football game, and both in the last year). And I agree a seat at a Tulane football game has NOT been a prime destination. But with Willie Fritz and the brand new multimillion dollar stadium and the Glazer Center beside it built by the family that owns the Tampa Bucs, things have changed a lot already and may change more in the future. I am not saying Tulane is SEC quality, and they built a stadium with seating less than 40,000 for a reason, but if we are looking at a recruit from Louisiana now and they are also considering Tulane, they are no longer totally delusional.

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