Erik Chinander

Wow! The defensive coordinator at Central Florida is what I call a dream-type coach. Arkansas doesn’t attract a lot of dream-type, certainly not the number it should be attracting, given what it has to offer. Despite the bad incidents this past season, things seem to be moving upward. What I have read Chinander could be the choice as the new DC for the Hogs. There are other good ones being mentioned, but I don’t see any names that I think would be a better hire. Chinander has followed a career path similar to our own CBB, at least in the beginning. He was an under-sized walk-on OL at Iowa and became an outstanding player and leader through hard work and intelligence. That has carried him up the ladder in coaching. There are several articles on the Web, especially in the Orlando Sentinel, that shows more of what he is about. At least I have hope again and dreaming big. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come. At least Chinander is on the way up, not on the way down or treading water from recent failings.