Eric Musselman will miss the Abilene Christian game

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Well, here’s hoping he gets healthy and no one else on this team gets it. (although I thought there a rumor that everyone had it?). I really don’t know what to expect today now. I’m hoping our players have learned enough in practice that all Patrick really needs to do is call timeouts to remind them. Not sure how much of CEM’s personality he takes on.

Glad he’s missing just from quarantine, not testing positive. Although, I guess that’s for 14 days? Yuk.

If he gets a negative test right away, it is only 7 days.

Thanks. Good to know.

Absolutely bizarre listening to him talk about the team while they are playing. So game isn’t really being called, just like a really long interview. . . just strange.

He said Ruta and Moser were out as well. I’d assume one of those two tested positive and the other is another contact tracing victim.

I can’t believe how relaxed he is answering questions. I guess good we aren’t down 10 like last game. You’d think he’d be screaming at the TV like me!

Muss might not answer the phone for an interview if we were down 10.

Man, I’m now glad he was quarantined… that in-game interview was awesome!

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Somehow this is Jimmy Dykes fault


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