Eric Musselman tweets are...

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One thing he is already better at than Mike Anderson, He tweets. Should make a lot of people happy.

If he tweets here at Arkansas he better win, cause our fans are ruthless, he tweets and losses, he’s not going to want to check the comment sections on those tweets. He can ask Daniel Gafford about that.


Very nice.

It is exciting to have our guy finally, but it is also sad to leave Coach Anderson behind. I don’t want to sound hypocritical…I thought he probably should have been replaced, but you have to feel a little sad that this chapter in our basketball history has been closed. I wish the best in the future for Coach Anderson.

Bring on Coach Musselman…this ought to be one heckuva ride.

I mean this in the nicest way, but lighten up.

If he indeed gets the job, let the man lose a game before y’all go negative.

Let him be positive and motivational. He just might win.

I’m not being negative about him at all. I just replied in RD’s thread I liked the hire.

This post you had was regarding his tweeting. I personally don’t tweet at coaches, players, or recruits. I was just saying that some of our fans do and if things aren’t going good, it gets ugly in the comments section, we seen that this year, Gafford and other players even spoke out on this. That’s the one downfall about being active on social media, in the words of Charles Barkley any idiot can get on there and say whatever they want and feel important.

Honest question, is that different than at other schools? I don’t use Twitter, so I have no idea. If our fans are worse, yes, this is a major problem. If it is the same everywhere, then it just is what it is. Again, I don’t know.

Arkansas is kinda unique, because we don’t really have a pro team in the state or another major university, so things are kinda magnified. I’m sure other schools have some bad fans that do stuff like this as well, but it seemed like we had an excessive amount this year, to the point to where current and former players felt the need to speak out on it. I remember at one point, when the official Basketball account on twitter would just post the game day and time, people would flood the comments section. I actually made a post when this was happening during the season comparing the comments in our section to other teams that were struggling like Mizzou, Texas A&M, and Vanderbilt, and ours was much worse than any of theirs.

100% false.

Every fan base has fans who tweet stupid things. We are not magnified, regardless of having a pro team or not. We are a small stare, so statistically we are less likely to have the volume of fans of almost every school in the SEC.

Not sure if this ever occurred to you… but if you were a fan of another school, you may follow more of their media, coaches, players, etc, and see more of their tweets, mentions and comments directed at them.

No we do not have an overly aggressive fan base. Not sure how you can logically think that, that’s an over inflated sense of how our fan base relates to others. They are all about the same. I’d say our fan base is too lax. We have a portion of the fan base who hate change so much they are ok with being good enough, or mediocre. I have lived in NOLA for almost a year now, and I assure you that in every sport LSU fans have much higher expectations and demands than we do. So easy to see, and, that’s why they win, at a big level.

Jr, first off, I thought we agreed, along with Dudley that if we wanted to have a conversation have it PM because nobody else wanted to hear us argue in any more threads. I thought that was made quite clear. Did you forget that already? I even sent you an invitation to give me a PM if you wanted to get something off your chest, you declined that invitation, so assumed that meant that there would be no more attempts from you to try to have conversations with me.

2nd, if you got a problem with what I said, go take it up with Jaylen Barford, Bobby Portis, Khalil Garland, Arlando Cook, and Daniel Gafford. Those are players that tweeted out at some point this year speaking out against how are fans were acting. I don’t just follow Arkansas basketball, I follow basketball as a whole, I’m actually a bigger NBA follower than college basketball follower and it’s not very common for former players to speak out against how fans are acting towards their own team on social media, it’s not something you see everyday. And I said in my post, I compared our twitter feed on our official account, to other team’s account, and we had more bashing and more posts on ours. There’s a thread I created that showed the difference if you want to go back and look at my post history.

And finally, I just want to make this clear, since apparently you didn’t get the hint last time. I don’t like you, I don’t respect your opinion, I don’t want to talk basketball with you, that’s why you never see me initiate a conversation with you, you always try to come to talk to me. I have now put you on ignore, this will be the last reply you ever see from me to anything you say, so have fun talking to yourself I won’t see it.

You really cant handle any opposition to your asinine thoughts, can you?

I remember exactly what you’re talking about. That was a few days ago, and it was never stated by anyone that I or you, were not allowed to comment in reply to each others posts. That’s simply you having the inability to handle a different opinion, or someone who calls you out on your completely fogged up views of reality.

Its kind of sad that on a board you consistently dodge dialogue because you just flat out cant handle it.

I dont care if you dont like me, what was is that you tell the multiple posters who have called you out on multiple threads for your off the wall remarks? Unfollow me/ignore my posts?

If you dont want me to post a rebuttal against your posts, then ignore me, because i probably will every time. I really have no idea where your thoughts come from, and if youd ever try to explain them logically, instead of instantly getting defensive and sulling up like a 3 year old who stubbed their toe, maybe i’d know.

As far as asking players how they felt? I saw their tweets, my argument wasn’t that they tweeted it. I simply said you have an overinflated sense of how our fan base is, compared to others. We aren’t the only school who has players tweet about fans, and have fans tweet at players/coaches.

Fans tweet players all the time. Ive seen it with LSU baseball this year, when theyve had a rough start, hell even at Paul Maneri. Who BTW I see his son literally every day, and get to hear his thoughts on fans reactions to one of their most beloved coaches. But dont think there isnt still a small group of fans who arent always pleased with Maneri, regardless of the incredible success he consistently has. That can be translated across the board in the SEC.

I do not apologize for replying to your comment. Maybe you’ll learn how to counter a reply without reverting back to your single digit age days.

This is an inside look at Musselman and social media. I bet the players are going to like playing for this guy.


I think hes got a chance to really improve our recruiting.
He reminds me of Chad a bit, honestly. Im curious to see if the basketball and football program dont start doing some joint social media skits. Our social media skits out of football have been pretty quiet, ive been expecting some helicopter videos, and all of the other things he used to do at SMU and Clemson. Maybe Chad and Musselman can get together and start something fun.