Eric Musselman Postgame Presser After 79-77 Loss to LSU

26-0 in 2nd chance points and still a shot to win. That’s mind boggling. It’s not like we were out of minds shooting it either, 45% from the field. We did go 17-18 from the line, though. Probably won’t get another FT shooting night quite that good.

Shows our guys find ways to win (or in this case try to win). Thought it was a good game. I think I jinxed us though, started talking smack to a friend in Lousyana when we went up 11. Should have stayed quiet

“Their best play was shoot it and go and get it.”
Luv that line by Muss

Regarding FT shooting, only guards shot free throws. None from Bailey or Chaney who will bring the FT% down. Still 17 of 18 is rare. Getting 4 of 4 from Whitt was a surprise.

Yep, Your fault. NEVER, EVER talk smack until the final buzzer!

you and mason Jones both. Just stay focused until its over, then be happy. There’s no joy in being up by 11 if the clock is still running. Never understand that from a player or a fan. Let your game do the talking.

That’s a forgotten part of the game! Keeping the mouth shut and play the game! Of course LSU was running their mouth and deserving of the T similar to Chaney and it was never called.
The whistle and the lack of rebounding cost this game.

I thought that Jones played more undisciplined than he should have late in the game. he was somewhat immature or overconfident or something, If he would have respected those opportunities, we could have beaten those yahoos, instead we had a couple of turnovers and he fouled out of the game. he is a really good player, hopefully he will rise to the occasion and become a great player.

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