Eric Musselman on Mason Jones' combine workout

Eric Musselman has dropped a few interesting notes on Twitter about Mason Jones’ combine workout this week. Among them:

• Mason made 248 of 316 total shots.
• He was outstanding at the line, as expected, making 98 of 100.
• Mason improved his vertical leap to 36 inches. Musselman wrote it was 26 inches this time last year.
• His body fat was measured at 6.9 percent.


Wow, 10" improvement in his vertical is nothing short fantastic. I would probably call it impossible if it hadn’t actually happened. As hard as Mason’s working, I have a feeling many NBA teams, in a year or two, will be wondering “how the heck did we miss so badly on Mason Jones”.

He looks to be a man on a mission! Best of luck, Mason.

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Remarkable progress from when he first came to the Hill.

Yes. And, when he got here, he had already lost 50 pounds from where he was as a senior in high school. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of anyone accomplishing a total body transformation in such a short time. He has had some great family genes to draw from though.

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Losing the weight (fat) and replacing it with lean muscle contributed to increase in vertical I guess. Even still, 10 inches is remarkable progress in one year.

Mike Anderson and Nolan were great at finding diamonds in the rough. Mason Jones is another example.

Let’s see…how many stars was he?

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Mason Jones is a good follow on Instagram. He’s been posting about his 4am workouts for weeks. Glad to see it’s not all talk

Mason was a great player last year. I can see him doing well in the NBA. The guy can put it in the hole with drives or with 3’s or in between shots. Anybody who can improve their vertical by 10" at his age is incredible. I can’t wait to see how this plays out for Mason.

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