Eric Musselman info

Recent/interesting article about his contract status, etc. … -musselman

I’ll bet if we offered him 4 years at $9 million he’d just at the opportunity.

If we miss on the big guys - I’d jump all over this guy before LSU snatches him up

He’s going somewhere…I don’t think he’s at Reno next season. … gent-kids/ … ath=mbball

We gotta hire this guy!

This is the guy I have wanted if we can’t get Buzz or Gregg Marshall.

This might be a good hire. Like a guy that family is important.

Is he interested in this job?

I’m told there is interest from him

Dudley, do you think he’s being talked to at this time?

Any of PTB interested or mention his name?

That’s good. The more I read about him the more I like him.

Easy to like. I love his intensity and attention to detail.
He is a winner.
I wonder how long we could keep him. He could blow
sky high as coach at Arkansas, but would he then remain.
Obviously, that would be a good problem to have to

Beautiful family.
Sign him up.

If I were him I’d bounce before the combo of having something like the 130th ranked 2019 class paired with 8 seniors leaving. They don’t seem to be in a position to build upon the last two years