Eric Bolin's article on SEC country!

His article on SEC Country slams the decision makers for keeping games in Little Rock! I just wonder why he cares. Maybe he just has a distaste for Arkansas to the point he looks for things to dog us about or he was so bored and had nothing else to write about. Maybe he just does articles on football or he went to bed before the diamondhogs beat Georgia on the road last night! I don’t keep count but I can’t remember many articles he has wrote that are positive for my hogs!

Arkansas Razorbacks fans, the school doesn’t care about you

Oh … and he did write about the baseball Hogs:
Can Arkansas win series on road? Diamond Hogs going for it Friday

He is a pot-stirrer. He is also an out-of-stater who has no perspective either way on the history of WMS and the GSD. Now if he had been raised an Arkansan, I would give him more credence. A large majority of his articles are written with a negative tone.

He shows his ignorance in every article he writes. From the writers, refs, commissioner’ office and the announcers the hogs get shafted. Let him show up inside the state and run into me. I would like to give him a little Razorback lesson on what a whipping feels like!

Marty he dogs my hogs in every sport anytime his name is listed as the writer. He needs to join the Paul FB show. He is dire need of an attitude adjustment. Maybe at some point he will get into politics and leave our hogs alone.

He’s just going to take the opposite side of any argument/discussion to get a rise out of anyone that bothers to click on his articles. I don’t bother to open them, just a waste of time

He may be a pot stirrer but in this article he is stating the obvious.

The decision to play in LR is a 1964 decision. IMO, it is not the best decision for the players, coaches, students, image, finances or anything else in 2018.

I loved playing in WMS in the 70’s and 80’s. That was a special venue 30+ years ago. RRS is our home, why not just admit it and move on?

Maybe it was a reelection move for Asa Hutchinson as Clay suggested. That is the only thing that makes sense to me.