Epley & Kujawa insights?

I follow the board religiously. But these two names kind of popped up and haven’t heard anything about them from Duds or Richard. Can someone give me me some more information? Like how we found them and who is recruiting them?

Epley is a 6-3, 255 DE that originally signed with SMU, redshirted and then left after a coaching change and headed to Tyler.

He had 85 tackles this past season, a whopping 12 1/2 sacks (sixth in the JC ranks), 23 tackles for lost yardage, an interception, a forced fumble and 2 fumble recoveries.

Coach Bielema, new DC Paul Rhoads and Michael Smith all went to see him.

He does not have an offer from Arkansas yet, but does have ones from Utah, Utah State, Colorado, Washington State and others

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Kujawa (6-3, 222) - who played RB, TE and DE - is from Greendale, Wisconsin and missed his entire junior season due to injury and was only able to play five games as a senior.

He was offered a visit to Arkansas on Dec. 12, but does not have an offer from Arkansas yet

He has a preferred walk on offer to Iowa and is set to visit the Hawkeyes next week.

Looks like he had 658 yards rushing this season in those five games, including 194 in the last one .

Kujawa also caught 24 passes for 270 yards and also threw a 98-yard TD pass for a 7-3 team

Is Epley a backstop if Troy James goes somewhere else? I think Epley is an ideal OLB in a 3-4. Maybe even an MLB in a 4-3. He had good instincts, size and quickness

In regards to Kujawa, are we looking at him on offense or defense? And will we offer a scholly or a preferred walk on?

Epley’s main thing is that he is a fierce pass rusher with outside linebacker speed with an inside linebacker mentality and toughness. He is an honors student and a late developer. I think he is well fitted to fill the hybrid roles in the 3-4.

Wish I could answer your questions accurately, but I can only just guess right now.

Troy James is a soft commit to Arkansas with no Texas offer at this point, Malik Young has an offer, Kamron Curl has an offer, Chevin Calloway has an offer.

There are 3 spots left unless they change their mind on holding back the 25th.

Epley and Kujawa do not going into this weekend, but may have them coming out.

As I said, fluid.

awhile now, not just since last night.

So he may have different ideas on who to close with besides Curl and Calloway

he would be a preferred walk on and would play H-back or TE and possibly some slot WR

He will visit Iowa the following weekend - also a preferred walk on situation.

Great info as always Dudley. Much appreciated