EOE president to be at the SEC meetings to build relationships

Not to flex muscle. He’s not unaware of his school’s reputation:

Texas on occasion has a reputation as, you know, being an alpha. I’m happy to come in and start just being part of the team.

“Alpha” is a severe understatement. “Bully” might be more appropriate.

I think the newbies probably will not be troublemakers for the foreseeable future. They probably already know and if not will certainly find out soon that big decisions tend to be consensus decisions whenever possible. In cases where consensus is not possible, there tends to be ample time given for study and discussion before a decision is made.

A lot of that goes back to the trust level in the Commissioner, which appears to be very high, and gives him the ability to actually lead, something the newbies didn’t see much in the Big XII. You never even see a hint that any of the current members think he’s got too much power or influence, and the new guys don’t have any incentive to weaken him.

A good example of the “SEC way” is the new football scheduling, where there are certainly some opposing views, but it’s all being handled quietly and without any evidence of real animosity behind the scenes.

It will be a first for Texas if they just become part of the team.


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