EOE-K fires Pruitt

After internal investigation of recruiting violations at Tennessee. I’m guessing he ain’t gonna get his $12 million buyout either, although they may throw some money at him to get him to go away quietly.

guess we know what Finebaum’s gonna talk about today!and Fulmer is probably resigning in embarrassment that anything of that nature could happen under his watch

My Vol friends here have been after his head for a while. Looks like the Evil Orange Empire - Knoxville may get out of a big payout. But sanctions are on the horizon for the Vols.

Hate that…not!

I thought with the downturn in all college athletic program’s revenue it would act as a deterrent for all the hair trigger firings this year. Not the case, it seems more dramatic than ever. I guess in Tennessee’s case that at least they will avoid the massive buyout issue

There are a number of reports that Fat Fill is going to retire.

pretty unbearable for a great kid, Ty Chandler, lots and lots of monied people heard too much to ignore (aka Haslams). Hiring Kevin Steele in the time of a hiring freeze was intereperted as Pruitt sticking his tongue out and challenging the AD and powers that be. Show cause for sure.

video being televised of the firing

One other Tenn assistant coach interviewed / interrogated extensively along with Pruitt.
He could turn out to be scapegoat or not.

just made official done deal and 9 others receiving letters of termination. Vid above is live and Fulmer is sitting. Kevin Steele is acting head coach.

Fulmer resigned before being terminated.

Plowman disclosed there were “numerous significant recruiting violations” found… She declined to give a number, but characterized them as level I and II violations. Pruitt was interviewed for 7 hours last Thursday with NCAA enforcement present. Obviously, he couldn’t explain away much if anything. Fulmer is retiring, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was offered that option rather than being fired too.

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Yes Marty, my Vols friends say it’s a done deal. He’s retiring. Better said “forced to be retired”.

According to the article and Plowman, Fulmers retirement was solely his decision.

Remember the obvious affection some of the Tenn. linemen had for Coach Pittman after our game with them? Are there opportunities for transfers?

Of course it was…

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Phil is already hard at work at his next job.



Sure, if they wish to wait until August to go on scholarship, we have no room until then.

As has been mentioned, there are no spots available right now, but would be in the summer.

I knew this was coming because there was a lot of chatter out there in the recruiting world that the Vols were looking to get out of the deal with Pruitt.

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Based on the wave of firings, UT is going to get hit pretty hard, though they will probably get points for not only turning themselves in, but also proactively hacking away at the people who they think got them into the mess. Pruitt and an assistant or two may end up with show cause orders from the NCAA.

Difficult times ahead for the Vols. The interim coach failed as a HC at Baylor, and failed to convince the Auburn cabal that he could win enough there to be the new HC even with all of their resources. They probably will have more transfers out, and may lose some of the 2021 class. The NCAA penalties may not be known when the new guy gets hired, and with Urban gone to Jacksonville thee are not any obvious candidates to hire early to try and salvage the 2022 class.

I think I feel a tear coming to my eye; no, that’s a hair off my cat. Never mind.

As you may recall, Tennessee AD John Currie had hired Greg Schiano, the EOE fans revolted and they turned to Pruitt and Phat Phil instead. Score one for not listening to your idiot fans.