Entertaining read . . . AU forum thread on game #3 (Sunday)

Heston isn’t their favorite guy.

https://www.aufamily.com/forums/topic/1 … as-game-3/

Funny I watched the same game and the runner did pass the other one. AU fans state it didn’t happen. :lol:

They live in a bizarro world in which the runner from second running backwards and passing the runner coming from the plate is NOT “runners crossing”. It doesn’t matter who is going which direction; if the batter passes the runner who was previously on first, they have “crossed”.

Screw 'em on Heston. He’s a hell of a talent & they don’t have him. Tough. Whether intentional or not, whether the runners thought the ball was caught or not, they shouldn’t have crossed each other. That’s not Heston’s fault. Auburn isn’t as good as we are. They don’t like it. Simple as that.

They’re also mad they couldn’t hold a 4-run lead that should have been 5 if the baserunner doesn’t have cerebral flatus. I know the rule states that the batter is out if he passes the baserunner, but in this case the batter did nothing wrong; he was literally standing still when the runner went back to first. The fair thing to do would be to give him the homer and call the runner out for being a doofus.

I’ve now read that entire thread. It was entertaining. I enjoy reading the other teams’ message boards when we beat them.

“Cerebral flatus”, that’s a new and creative one Swine. In another thread, I asked what was the coach on the 1st baseline’s responsibility? Isn’t he the director of what the base runners are doing?

Sounds like some of our threads sometimes…:joy:

I’ll never forget the Auburn board after Arkansas torched them in a football game (at Auburn) several years ago…“Fred Talley just ran by my house.”

I don’t really know the answer to that question, but I’d think the coach couldn’t really control the runner returning to tag. All runners are going to go well toward second until they know if the fly is caught or not. If it’s caught, he knows he has to return to tag or stay. If it’s dropped, he goes forward & watches the third base coach. If it carries the fence, it doesn’t matter. This runner was either almost to 2nd or maybe past it when he reversed his course. Either way, he wasn’t watching the runner behind him.

Two things I’d like to note.

  1. Those announcers were quick to claim he purposefully faked everyone out. Watching the game live, it was way too quick to think that was the case. Slow motion only emphasized the weird turn he made while trying to regain his balance. Shame on them.

  2. It was also pretty clear that Kjerstad was chewing gum, not tobacco. Auburn fans are a bunch of dummies.

That was a play you think you would see out of 9 or 10 year olds.
Winning the game was huge but Jake coming out of the bullpen and finishing the game is the big bonus that could be critical in him gaining his confidence to just let the ball go from the mound.

That was a bizarre play. We were at the game (sitting behind the plate) and thought the ball was caught. Then the base runners were passing each other. Then the AU coach was out on the umpires and the bench was blowing up. Eventually the plate ump warned the bench to “cool it”. At that point I though he might throw someone out of the game. After than DVH had a long talk with one of the umpires. The umpire signaled to the official scorer 1 run in and 1 out. We were still somewhat puzzled until a guy sitting near us clarified what happened.

Crazy. And that did not lose the game for AU. Even if the one run was allowed we would have tied the score in the bottom of the 9th and most likely scored one of the other runners.

Love beating those War Eagle, Tiger whatever they call themselves.

It was the strangest of baseball weekends. But it’s a strange game. It was only a few days ago that Vandy lost a game that they took the lead in, but a grand slam was taken off the board because of a storm. Middle Tennessee won because it didn’t get to bat in the bottom of the inning and the four runs were erased. That’s baseball being baseball. It’s one of the neatest game and it definitely has some bizarre rules.

Not but a couple of years ago my daughter and I took three Latvian teenagers who had been adopted by her friends. They were orphans. Moved to Fayetteville from Latvian as 13-17 year olds. They had never seen a baseball game. We started taking them to Naturals games in the summer. That’s when I have more time off and can sit in the stands.

We had a blast teaching them the rules. It’s been three years and I think they’ve got the rules down now, but there are still some things that Sarah tries to explain to them that just doesn’t make any sense. She said she was not going to try to explain this last weekend of Arkansas baseball.

Reads like fans from a team that got swept to me.

I am proud of Clay. He stood up for the baseball rules yesterday on Bo’s show.

I almost came through the radio to attack.

That’s what makes it entertaining . . . when you’re a fan of the team they were playing . . .


I remember reading a baseball based novel years ago where the home team was losing in say the 7th inning of a scheduled 9 inning game. So, they score enough runs to go ahead, but the game isn’t over because it was scheduled for 9 innings. But before the home team gets 3 outs (still ahead remember) a storm comes and the game is called. Because the inning was not finished, it was wiped out. They go back to the last “complete” inning, and the visitors where declared the winner. Again, it was in a novel. I have always wondered if that was really the rule. I get it in Vandy’s case and they got an extra at bat that Middle Tennessee didn’t get.

If the game is called after 6.5 innings and the home team is winning, homies win, just like the home team not batting in the bottom of the ninth. But the Vandy-NTSU situation is why the rule is how it is. Not fair for Vandy to win because they got seven at-bats and MTSU only got six.

Yea, that make sense. Like I said, it was in a novel. (Youth novel at that, I read it when I was about 12 years old, funny that it has stuck with me all these years!).

While I think you answer is correct, just to clarify, the situation was that after 6.5, home team is LOSING. But during the bottom of the 7th, home team scores enough to take the lead, but the bottom of the 7th isn’t over yet because they home team does not have 3 outs. Storm hits, game called. In the book, they said go back to the end of the 6th since 7th wasn’t complete. Visitor won.