Enough of the drama - we dont need the Tulane Coach

We need Kiffin and to be done with the process so that the recruiting class doesn’t totally tank.


Think it’s getting pretty close to that happening

I think it’s Kiffin, just waiting to after his championship game to announce it and that’s only fair.

If it’s somebody who isn’t in a championship game (Leach for instance) we’d announce it some time this week I think.

My take: Kiffin is in the drivers seat and can hold out for what he wants. He can go to Ole Miss or some other place if Ark doesn’t meet his demands. HY is continuing to interview to pressure Kiffin to commit. High stakes poker game going on and nothing going to happen until after Sat game.

Crazy to fire Morris and pay huge buyout and then not pay for a quality coach. Strong was making 5 m before he got fired. If they are not willing to pay then they should have kept Morris and spent the buyout on upgrading the assistant coaching staff.

If they’d kept Morris season ticket sales would have cratered. The crowd for WKU would look huge compared to what we’d get for Nevada if CCM were still in charge, new assistants or not.

To heck with the Championship game, why wait? Im sure FAU would also want a couple of extra days to deal with recruiting

Bad PR/optics to take a team’s coach two days before a championship game. It wouldn’t help FAU either. If I’m Kiffin/Sexton, I’m telling HY we’ll talk turkey after the game Saturday night,

It wouldn’t exactly be unprecedented to announce before, we’ll see.

I agree