Is it reasonable to expect he’ll be in the mix at Houston or SMU if those jobs come open? Best coach on the staff and vital he be retained.

I don’t see it. Both of those schools are likely to go to someone with Texas connections. Dana Holgorson’s name is popping up at UH; so is Art Briles, who of course coached UH before he went to Baylor. Holgorsen used to be OC at Houston. I guess you’re assuming SMU will come open because Baylor hires Chad Morris, which seems to be a reasonable assumption.

I don’t know about Houston but he is making more at Arkansas than he would as HC at SMU.

Chad Morris makes $2 million per year at SMU.

Enos should be considered.

Compare his pay to Kiffin at Bama without the talent and who is better is obvious.

And Arkansas will never pay top SEC coordinator dollar and we seem to take pride in that.

If we don’t I hope Dan makes it as head guy or top paid coordinator somewhere.

If he takes coach Smith, all of our best coaches will be gone and we have no one to blame but our AD.

Michael smith? If so I agree, he and enos are our superior coaches. The rest I wouldn’t be bummed about if they were to take an opportunity elsewhere


The odds are good that Enos gets a hard look by a decent school. I doubt Enos is here within a year.

Not going to happen, the hogs would have made some big noise for that to make happen…