Enos to Miami

Pete Thamel and Bruce Feldman are reporting Dan Enos is the new offensive coordinator at Miami. Previous reports had indicated he was in line to become the offensive coordinator at Alabama, but the Tide offensive staff is leaving in exodus. Perhaps it’s a house cleaning, although that seems unlikely given how well the offense performed this season. I think it’s probably more of a matter of them getting better-paying jobs.

Mike Locksley, the offensive coordinator and Broyles Award winner, is now the head coach at Maryland. Geoff Collins, the Alabama offensive line coach the past three years, was hired to the same position with an assistant head coach title at Georgia Tech. And Josh Gattis, the Tide’s receivers coach, was hired as offensive coordinator at Michigan.

Hurts to Miami?

Another note pertinent to this: Alex Mortensen is reportedly leaving Alabama to coach the new professional AAF team in Birmingham. He has been on the Alabama offensive staff in some capacity for several years.

I would think hurts either ends up in Maryland or Miami because he has a comfort zone with both coaches.

Could this be the beginning of the Alabama Dynasty demise? I know, Saban has handled the coaching shuffle brilliantly in the past, and he’ll find good assistants to replace these, but eventually one would think that constant state of coaching turnover would catch up with him, don’t you think?

I think it’s a recognition by Saban of what I’ve maintained – Enos is overrated and ultimately does not comport with how Saban wants to play football. Too pass happy and ill advised play calling at times. Many on here worship at his feet. Not me.

My point isn’t just about Enos. He wasn’t the play-caller last year, and many thought he might be next year but Saban obviously wanted to go a different direction. But my thought was the offensive staff en masse leaving. Everybody on here knows you are not an Enos fan, but Locksley was a Broyles Award winner and others on the offensive side of the ball were well thought of by other coaches.

I don’t know to what capacity it was, but I guarantee that this wasn’t all Enos.

I felt he was calling plays in the National championship game. I noticed several plays that were very ‘Enos’. For example, the horrendous 4th down run with Tua on the 5 yard line, to turn the ball over. It was the same play that we ran way too many times with BA and AA, and was just dripping with Enos.

I know the old OC was still there, but I feel it was unlikely he was in full play call mode considering he took a head coaching job and was splitting time between Maryland and Alabama.

Haven’t seen anywhere that he was in fact calling all of the plays, but I guarantee Enos had most of the input, considering he had already been announced as the next OC.
It was a horribly called offensive game.

Also agree with the Enos is over rated, notion. He never proved much to me while at Arkansas. He recruited awful QBs, and was supposed to be a an guru. We put up some decent offensive numbers here and there, but the over all offensive talent recruiting was awful, and the repeated use of awful play calling in critical timing will never leave my mind with Enos.

For the record, Enos had never been announced as the OC at Alabama. There were reports that he was in line to become the OC, but it was never confirmed by anyone in an official capacity.

On a related note, Drew Morgan and JaMichael Winston are on the Memphis Express roster. Mike Singletary is the head coach and old friend David Lee is the QB coach.

Bijon Jackson is with Atlanta, Austin Allen is with the Salt Lake team, and the K/P for the San Diego team is our former Texas A&M killer, Sam Irwin-Hill.

1st of all Nick Saban is going to have his ducks in a row for a NC game. Not going to experiment with the old OC calling some plays and the new OC calling some in a game like that. For all we know Enos could have been calling plays all thru the playoffs or before or not at all, including the NC game.
But Saban isn’t going to use a NC game to toy with play calling.

He had a lot to be unhappy about on the offensive side of the ball against Clemson. His team got whipped by Clemson’s defense. It wasn’t just because of who was calling the plays.
Saban motto is, My teams will dominate you in the trenches & beat you down, but Bama got away from that this year with this dynamic passing theme & Tua.
Look for a little different style next year.

I completely agree.

I personally believe, that Enos did in fact call thenplays during the NC game. Because it was his style and god awful. Plus Saban has been known to change Play callers for a NC game when his OC takes a HC job somewhere else, we saw this just a few years ago.

But, I felt I should play it safe and not make the definite statement because people like to jump all over you around here.

Either way, you don’t take the Miami job over the Alabam job…unless Saban tells you too, pretty simple. He wasn’t happy with Enos.

Right…that’s why Locksley was upstairs on camera w the headphones on and not in Maryland. :sunglasses:

Unless the money was better at Miami.
But I see it the same way, Nick cleaned house with the offensive staff because it was a total breakdown & left Nick embarrassed.
Enos & Lockshey just happened to have other immediate options. Which does mean Enos is stilled revered as a very competent OC elsewhere with HC’s at P5 programs, besides the people here who worship at his feet.

This is arguably the second example of Enos being a factor in detrimentally getting a head coach away from his fundamental, preferred offensive philosophy. Difference is Bielema got fired, while Saban merely lost a national championship game. Or, in other words, the difference between the Arkansas and Alabama football programs.

I agree.

Money wasn’t better, Miami is a small private school, they can’t hang with Alabama in the checkbook. We can throw that one out.

Saban simply saw what he was.

Alabama lost that game because the offensive line could not block Clemons’s D line and Bama’s D-Line was out muscled by Clemson’s O line. Play calling was not the problem. Alabama got man-handled at the line of scrimmage period.

Yep. Bama got beat on both sides of the line of scrimmage.
Their QB was under duress most pass plays and their defense rarely had up-close pressure on the Clemson QB.

Both of these teams had awesome receivers.

Maybe so, but not like Saban to 2nd guess himself. Hire Enos for 2 years as QB coach and then see his most prolific QB ever get developed. I just think Saban didn’t want any leftovers & helped Enos get the OC position at Miami.
A couple of plays of Enos’s or whoever called them didn’t define that game. That pick 6 int & triple coverage int was all on Tua. Very unlike him.
I would like to know why in the hell Saban tried that fake FG on 4th & 6 & who drew that up & convinced Him it could work? That stupid play alone may have got m all fired.
Won’t be surprised if Bama’s defensive staff doesn’t get some heads chopped. They had no answers for Clemson on that side of the ball either. And that’s Saban’s forte.

Generally the reviews on Enos while he was at Bama were good, and unlike some others I thought he did a good job as OC here.

But… whoever was calling the plays in the NC game made some boo-boos. That one series down on the goal line where they tried a shuttle pass and a couple of other groaner calls was bad, bad, bad.

There is also a long term issue with Bama’s offense. Bama’s offense has grown impatient the last two years, even though they still have plenty of great run blocking OL/TEs, and great RBs. They just don’t seem to have the mental discipline to grind people up in big games anymore. That was certainly evident at times in the NC game, but it really was not a new development. They’ve got all these shiny, wonderful toys in their passing game that make big booms and let the band play the fight song, and they(by which I mean Saban) just can’t seem to resist the temptation to use them too often.