Enos Press Conference?

Any idea when the Coach Enos introductory press conference will be?

That is TBD. Possibly this week.

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Thank you!

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Looking forward to that.

Matt, do you attend those regular conferences that are videoed and are available for the fans do see and hear as I don’t recall hearing you?

I’m at some, not all. I typically go to fewer as the season goes along due to trying to get as close to an off day as possible on Mondays.

That’s great, because you know, time with family is the most important time we have.

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I’ll add my two bits here. HI has the videos of most press conferences available on YouTube really quickly. Watching the videos the last few years has really shown me how accurate our staff are in reporting in print the quotes, context, and sometimes intent of the coaches and players being interviewed.

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Can I give a plug to the WholeHogSports App. Works on all my Apple devices, Apple TV, iPad and iPhone.

It gives you all the videos for all of the sports plus a few other features. Well organized and will done.

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I am more than ok with Enos, my take is that he will have a pretty wide open offense like Briles but more fundamentally sound and less gimmicky than Briles, as well. It will be interesting with Coach Pittman, because I think Enos and Sam are more similar in football style and that Briles kind of pushed Sam out of his comfort zone a bit, which was sometimes good and sometimes WTF. Sam gave Briles a lot of freedom, sometimes I think a bit too much.

I would watch Briles’ play calling and sometimes thought when he made outside the box calls he was either bored or trying to establish some identity and lets face it, there was only one Pirate, even if there are many imitators. You see how Kiffin has tried to create this mystic and see how it has very mixed results.