Enos contract

His contract begins at $1.1 million per year and could run through 2027.

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This is AWESOME news, and Coach Dan Enos will get the job done! I’ve always been a huge supporter of him knowing the offense he commands is top notch! Great hire CSP and WPS!

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Matt, do you have what Dan was making the last year of tenure here ? Curious to see how much market has changed in this time period.

Thank you, did not know we had that data base . Interesting to look back over the last ten years. Some changes but probably not as much as I would have guessed without doing some research first.

So, when are going to know what TCU owes us?

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It might be a few weeks before an exact figure is known.


I’ll update the database for 2023 in the spring.

Are we paying Maryland anything for Dan leaving with one year remaining on his 3 year contract?

This was Enos’ 3 year contract at Maryland:

“Offensive coordinator Dan Enos: Three-year deal worth $550,000 in 2021, $750,000 in 2022 and $950,000 in 2023.”

Yes, I wrote it in the story. Arkansas is paying Maryland $135,000.

Thanks. I knew I had read something about it recently. I looked in past 2 or 3 days of threads, but didn’t find anything. Like a dummy, I never thought to check at the top of this thread. :blush:

Getting old(er) is a real pain in the butt, especially when it comes to short term memory!

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I can’t believe in 2019 Chavis was paid $1.5 million

I smiled when I saw Michael Smith’s name. I watched him at a recruiting night at the Catfish Hole. Huge personality. He knew everyone there even went to the kitchen to hug folks. It looked to me like he had the recruits and parents in the palm of his hand.